20+ Unique Machine Learning Projects with Source Code

Abhishek Sharma
9 min readAug 25, 2023
20+ Unique Machine Learning Projects with Source Code

Machine Learning Projects with Source Code

Hey guys, here you can find your next Machine Learning project with the proper explanation and source codes provided.

It is always good to have practical insight into any technology that you are working on. Though textbooks and other study materials will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to know about any technology but you can’t really master that technology until and unless you work on real-time projects.

Unique and Interesting Machine Learning Projects with Source Code

  1. Youtube Comments Extraction and Sentiment Analysis Flask App — with source code — 2023
  2. HealthCure — an all in one medical solution — medical project — 7 disease detections — 2023
  3. Object Detection using SSD — with source code — easiest way — fun project –2023
  4. Social Distancing using YOLOv3 — Object Detection — with source code — fun project — 2023
  5. Face Recognition-Based Attendance System — with source code — Flask App — With GUI — 2023
  6. Self Organizing Maps — simplest way — with source code — 2023
  7. Pedestrian Detection using HOGs in Python — simplest way — easy project — 2023
  8. IPL Score Prediction with Flask app — with source code — 2023
  9. Weight Category prediction using Random Forest — with source code — 2023
  10. How to perform Face Recognition using KNN — with source code — interesting project — 2023
  11. Flight Price Prediction with Flask app — with source code — data visualizations — interesting project — 2023
  12. House Price Prediction — USA Housing Data — with source code — easy project — 2023
  13. Stock Sentiment Analysis using headlines — with source code — easiest explanation — 2023
  14. Wine Quality Prediction — with source code — 2023
  15. Bank Note Authentication using Random Forest — with source code — easy project — 2023
  16. Flipkart Reviews extraction and sentiment analysis with Flask app — very exciting project — 2023
  17. How to find the most dominant colors in an image using KMeans clustering — with source code — interesting project — 2023
  18. Movie Recommendation System in 2 ways — with source code — 2023
  19. Credit Card Fraud Detection — easy way — 2023
  20. Face and Eye detection in cv2 using Haarcascades — with source code — easiest way — 2023
  21. Spam Detection using Count Vectorizer — with source code — easy explanation — 2023
  22. House Tax Prediction using Random Forest — Boston Housing Data — with source code — 2023

End to End Machine Learning Projects for Students

This is a project that I chose as my college’s final year major project and guess what, it went pretty well. This project uses various advanced techniques like CNNs, VGGs, XGBoost, etc for performing 7 disease detections. This is one of the best Machine learning projects in Python.

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These 7 detections are Covid Detection, Alzheimer Detection, Brain Tumor Detection, Breast Cancer Detection, Pneumonia Detection, Heart Disease Detection, and Diabetes Detection.

This project can be your Machine learning project with source code for the final year. I myself made this my final year major project.

In this blog, we will use Single Shot Detections for performing Object Detection using SSD in the simplest way possible. SSDs are very fast in Object Detection when compared to those big boys like R-CNN or Fast R-CNN, etc. This is going to be a very fun project with endless use cases.

This project can be your Machine learning project with source code for the final year.

This is also a very advanced project in which I used object detection on a camera’s live feed or video to check if Social Distancing is being followed or not in a locality. This project also has endless future scopes.

This project can be your Machine learning project with source code for the final year.

So guys this is yet another one of the most favorite projects of mine. In this blog, I implemented a Flight Price Prediction model using different techniques and also I performed very frequent data visualizations to better understand our data.

In this blog, we will find the most dominant colors in an image using the KMeans clustering algorithm, this is a very interesting project and personally one of my favorites because of its simplicity and power.

Basically, I have performed Movie Recommendation System using two different ways. In the 1st way, we will use a user-movie matrix to find similarities.

The simple intuition of this 2nd way is that we will be combining the main features like the cast, director, genres, etc., and observe similarities between them because most of the time similar directors make similar movies, similar casts like to perform in some similar specific types of movies.

A simple project in which we will see how we can perform face and eye detection in cv2 using Haarcascades. This is going to be a very easy and fun project. Remember it’s only detection and not recognition.

Benefits of Machine Learning Projects with Source Code

1. Hands-on Learning Experience:

Machine learning projects provide a hands-on approach to understanding complex concepts. Instead of just reading about algorithms and techniques, you actively implement them. This practical engagement fosters a deeper understanding of how different components work together to create functional machine learning models.

2. Real-world Application:

By participating in machine learning projects, you witness the direct application of theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. Whether you’re predicting customer preferences or diagnosing medical conditions, these projects showcase the tangible impact of machine learning in various domains.

3. Skill Development:

Building machine learning projects sharpens your technical skills. You become proficient in programming languages like Python, gain experience in using popular libraries such as scikit-learn and TensorFlow, and learn about data preprocessing, model training, and evaluation techniques.

4. Problem-solving Skills:

Every machine learning project presents unique challenges. As you tackle these challenges, your problem-solving abilities grow. You learn to troubleshoot errors, optimize model performance, and adapt solutions to address specific project requirements.

5. Creativity and Innovation:

Machine learning projects often require creative thinking. Whether you’re devising novel features for a model or exploring innovative ways to handle imbalanced data, these projects provide an opportunity to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional approaches.

6. Portfolio Building:

Completing machine learning projects contributes to a robust portfolio that demonstrates your practical skills to potential employers, clients, or collaborators. A well-documented portfolio can set you apart in a competitive job market and open doors to exciting opportunities.

7. In-depth Understanding:

Engaging in machine learning projects offers a deeper understanding of algorithms, model architectures, hyperparameter tuning, and more. This knowledge is essential for making informed decisions when designing and implementing machine learning solutions.

8. Community Involvement:

Many machine learning projects with source code are part of larger open-source communities. Engaging with these communities allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, seek advice, and collaborate on enhancing existing projects.


In conclusion, machine learning projects offer a wide range of exciting opportunities for anyone interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, there are many projects to choose from that can help you gain new skills and knowledge. So why not start your own machine-learning project today?


What are some unique machine learning projects with source code that I can explore?

Discover a curated list of over 20 distinctive machine learning projects along with their complete source code to enhance your learning and development journey.

Why should I consider working on unique machine learning projects?

Engaging with unique machine learning projects offers you the opportunity to gain practical experience, experiment with different algorithms, and showcase your skills to potential employers or collaborators.

Are the source codes provided for these projects free to access?

Absolutely! All the source codes for the featured machine learning projects are provided for free, enabling you to delve into the code and understand the inner workings of each project.

What skill level is required to understand and contribute to these projects?

These projects are designed with various skill levels in mind. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner, you’ll find projects suitable for your level of expertise.

Can I use these machine learning projects for educational purposes?

Certainly! These projects are not only great for hands-on learning but can also serve as educational resources for workshops, tutorials, and self-paced learning.

How do I get started with these machine learning projects?

Each project comes with detailed documentation and instructions, making it easy for you to get started. Simply choose a project that interests you, follow the provided guidelines, and explore the source code.

Can I modify the source code of these projects?

Absolutely. Modifying the source code is not only allowed but encouraged. This way, you can customize the projects to suit your specific needs, experiment with different approaches, and deepen your understanding.

Are there projects covering various subfields of machine learning?

Yes, the collection includes projects from diverse subfields such as natural language processing, computer vision, reinforcement learning, and more, allowing you to explore a wide range of machine learning applications.

Are these projects suitable for solo developers or better suited for team collaboration?

These projects are adaptable to both solo and collaborative efforts. You can choose to work on them individually to strengthen your skills or collaborate with others to foster a sense of teamwork.

How can I showcase the projects I’ve worked on to potential employers?

After completing a project, you can add it to your portfolio, GitHub repository, or personal website. Highlighting these real-world projects can make your resume stand out and demonstrate your practical expertise to employers.

Can these projects be used in research or commercial applications?

While these projects are primarily educational and skill-building resources, they can potentially serve as a starting point for more advanced research or commercial projects. Always ensure proper attribution and adherence to relevant licenses.

How frequently are new projects added to the list?

New projects are added periodically to keep the list fresh and engaging. Be sure to check back regularly for updates and exciting additions to the collection.

Is there a community or forum to discuss these projects with other learners?

Yes, you can join the online community or forum dedicated to these projects. Engaging with fellow learners can provide you with insights, tips, and a platform to share your progress.

What programming languages are used in these machine learning projects?

The projects encompass a variety of programming languages commonly used in machine learning, such as Python, R, and Julia, allowing you to choose projects based on your language preferences.

How can I contribute to the project list or suggest a new project?

If you have a unique machine learning project with source code that you’d like to share or suggest, feel free to reach out through the provided contact information to contribute to the growing list.

What project can I do with machine learning?

You can undertake projects like image classification, sentiment analysis, recommendation systems, healthcare diagnostics, chatbots, fraud detection, language translation, and more using machine learning. Choose a project aligned with your interests and resources, and enjoy the learning process!

Are machine learning projects hard?

Machine learning projects can vary in difficulty. Some are straightforward, while others can be quite challenging. The complexity depends on factors like your experience, the project’s scope, and the algorithms used.

How do I find Machine learning projects?

To find machine learning projects, you can explore platforms like Kaggle, GitHub, and online AI communities. You can also identify real-world problems in areas you’re interested in and apply machine learning to solve them. Online tutorials and courses often provide project ideas as well.

What are some good machine learning projects?

Some good machine learning projects include image recognition, sentiment analysis, recommendation systems, and healthcare diagnostics. These projects offer valuable learning experiences and practical applications. You can find these projects on this blog.

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